What is Go Fish Aquatics?

Glad you asked! We are a freshwater tropical fish store located in Jasper, Alabama.  Go Fish Aquatics may be a new business in the area, but you won't find anything quite like us. We specialize in freshwater tropical fish that you wouldn't normally find in your local pet store and probably some that you will. A lot of our fish come from local breeders as well as our own breeding fish. That means our stock is always changing because we are always looking for new, unique and hard to find fish. That's not all though! We also carry freshwater fish supplies, food, decor, live aquatic plants and we offer tank repair. But that's not all we are about.... 

We love to educate! We are here for questions and help for anyone new or experienced in the hobby . Our Beginners Guide on this site will help anyone that is just starting in the hobby and when you visit the store, you'll find all the information you need about every fish we have. Our goal is to make your experience in the hobby as painless and easy as possible. 

Browse our website, dip your toes in, contact us with questions (I promise we have answers), take a look, get excited, and come see us! 

Because we want to help our customers and give them our full attention, we do have certain hours that are by appointment only. It allows us to walk you through any questions and really get to know you and what you need. We also post our current stock on this site as well as Facebook and any needed information about that particular fish. So, if it's here - we have it!